For all the 5th Ward residents, I hope the newsletter gave you a good idea of happenings in our ward. However, in this ever changing environment, print can be old news the very next day. Case in point, there is disappointing news about Aurora Packing. Long story short, they have pulled out of the deal to move into the old Cosmopolitan bldg.

Their estimated cost of about 30 million to re-purpose the site was more than they anticipated. There apparently was not enough the city could offer in incentives to change their minds. It is frustrating but the city and I will continue to look for a good fit for that space.

On another more positive note, there is a contract to purchase the old Hobby Lobby bldg in West Plaza. Mega Trampoline from Crystal Lake is looking to bring a Family Center there. It initially would consist of trampolines, a few bowling lanes, dodge ball, climbing apparatuses, and obstacle courses. The plan would also include a party room, bar, and restaurant.

Also, the Salvation Army is looking for bell ringers this season. If interested please visit their website and sign up.